Jason Hillman

Jason Hillman, Actor

Jason Hillman, Actor

Jason Hillman joined the cast of Pieces in October of 2011. A comic by nature, he has desecrated Midwest audiences with snickers and smirks from the stage at Milwaukee’s Comedy Café, The Comedy Club on State (Madison), The Edge (Chicago), The Laugh Factory (Chicago), and Zanies (Chicago). Laid low after a typically vicious downsizing, he took up the mantle of the microphone as a means to air his various grievances with the obvious corruption of the American Dream, trademark. His stories are full of wonder and wit and tragedies wrapped in rainbow foil. With his serious side, (yes, we think he has one) he uses his abilities to fight the stigma surrounding mental health diagnosis. In addition to his role in Pieces, he also works to train correctional officers how to respectfully deal with those incarcerated and suffering from mental illnesses. He currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. For more about Jason please visit: www.jasonhillmanisfunny.com

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