Emily Zakrzewski

Emily Zakrzewski graduated from Arizona State University with a BFA in Dance in 2011.

Emily Zakrzewski, Dancer

Emily Zakrzewski, Dancer

She developed her artistry through persistent performances in pieces choreographed by peers, graduate students, dance faculty and guest artists; most notably she worked with Karen Schupp, Mary Fitzgerald, Nancy Bannon, Moya Micheal and Cristian Duarte.  Upon graduation she was awarded the Outstanding Performer of her graduating class, as well the Moeur Award for academic excellence. She is infinitely grateful for the thought-provoking and gracious individuals that created a supportive dance community, shaping her college experience and coloring her world still today.

Emily moved back to her Milwaukee in July 2011 to be close to her family and pursue a performance career. During 2012 she traveled to the Minnesota Fringe Festival with choreographer Kelly Radermacher and to Phoenix, AZ for a dance improvisation performance presented by Yong Wei Li. She was also thrilled to become a member of Wild Space Dance Company in October, and continues to dance under the direction, of Deb Loewen alongside talented peers.

With nostalgia for ‘those college days’ that may never disappear, Emily enjoys the opportunity to engage in the creative process and performance of works with Milwaukee dance artists. Her work in Pieces is an adventure into Theatre, and she believes the goal of the project is righteous and necessary. She joined the cast in September 2013.

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